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SimplyKonnect is the simple way to find everything you are looking for, allowing you to live in the moment 🙂

  • Just open the App, select a category and find what you are looking for
  • Be rewarded for what you love doing
  • Decide on the best places to go to based on reviews, deals offered and your personal choice
  • It very easy to customise the app to your personal choice and requirements
  • We add value through loyalty and rewards programs
  • We drive high engagement levels
  • Download our FREE SimplyKonnect app, sign up and become our Konnection
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    Can life be any simpler? Our App has been designed with you in mind.

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    Receive relevant deals and offers based on your personal preference

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    Tap into the many benefits that are on offer to you


our app


We started by looking at the needs of our users and brainstormed all the ways we could satisfy those needs through the App. Everyone on the Simply team were required to test the App  so that we could provide you with a unique experience. By using the app in the real world, tested by real people and adjusting as required, we ‘failed often, to succeed sooner’ (IDEO’s quote, not Simply’s). Some of our original ideas were not user friendly and our design process had to be taken back to the drawing board repeatedly, and we had to adjust to meet your needs.

So, finally we are happy to introduce you to our cool App

We welcome feedback as we continue to improve your mobile experience.



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